Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair. What the ----?

Scott Laudati has a voracious appetite for weaving words into subtle forms, never lingering on or catering to artificiality or pretense.  His “HAWAIIAN SHIRTS in the ELECTRIC CHAIR” erupts into a road trip through life where he masters love, despair, hopelessness, sentimentality, courage, and stark realities.  Laudati’s poems slap you in the face with kid gloves and the emotional ambiance lingers in the corners of your consciousness, waiting for your re-assessment….

Scott Laudati, reads at aaduna fundraiser event May 18, 2014

An aaduna contributor and participant in last year’s “In the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance” fundraiser at Bill’s Place in Harlem/NYC, Scott’s book of poems is now available on Amazon.


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