When “Once Upon a Time” is more than just storytelling.

I suspect the overwhelming majority of us grew up with having stories told or read to us when we were children.  For those of us who are now parents, we routinely carried on this activity across family generations, from our children to their children - our grandchildren.  And if we are blessed with acuity in advanced age, we continue to tell stories to our great, grandchildren and remind the generations before them, including ourselves, of stories buried in the recesses of memories. 

For most cultures, an oral tradition encompasses stories, tales, fables, family history and legacies, and chronicles our very existence.  But, we rarely get a glimpse of whom and what situations is behind the storyteller…the motivations, learned wisdom and respect for elders.

So without heralding the blasting of trumpets and ornate fanfares, I invite you to read my Conversation with Kenneth G. Gary starting on Friday, March 6 – March 13 at www.aaduna.org.  Click on Conversations.       

Our chat...is storytelling.

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