When is the Forest not the Forrest…?

Or is it all the same?

Many of us have done it, taken that serene walk through a forest, regardless of the season, and found ourselves transfixed by the diversity of colors, shapes, and images that suggested grandeur and intrigue.  A Forrest in our mind’s eye conjures captivating nuances, bold strokes, and masterful interpretations of things we have already experienced and harken us back to another time in space or thrusts us forward into the unexpected.

The images created by Allen Forrest are powerful and enchanting.  His range of artistic abilities and the various mediums he works in suggests a kaleidoscope of human interactions.  aaduna is pleased to be able to present an exhibition of works by Allen Forrest in the forthcoming spring issue.

Here is one of his works:

Oil on Canvas, Allen Forrest (c) 2015

Bring your spirit, imagination and intellect, and casually stroll through our Forrest.  Coming soon....spring 2015 anniversary issue.    

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