Sylvester Stewart…do you know him? Betcha you do!

I saw him and his family at the now defunct Electric Circus, an entertainment Mecca that graced the middle of the block (which had become the east coast epicenter of youth culture as I knew it… even tried to get a job at the “Circus,” maybe it was 1963…didn’t happen…I was not weird enough…so I knew the venue well especially the downstairs space that was devoted to soul music and R&B on Sunday evenings for dancing and other frivolities….The Circus balanced St. Marks Place, East Village, NYC where the counter-culture lifestyle of hippies and  so called “flower children” reigned supreme and the air always had a distinct aroma and hazy aura.

So, when Auburn’s adopted daughter and sister friend, Cyd Charisse Fulton took to the mic at aaduna’s May 28th Theater Mack fundraiser and started to talk about Sly and the Family Stone and her poem that centered on his music, I knew she was ready to rock it.  Oh…if you don’t know, Sly was a west coast DJ named Sylvester Stewart before he launched the band and then permeated the world with his infectious music and mesmerizing stage shows.  Anyway…

Cyd Charisse Fulton, Poet ~ May 28, 2015 aaduna fundraiser

Poet, publisher, writer, colleague, and friend, Cyd did what she always does when she reads in Auburn; she wrapped her words around the minds of the audience and took them “higher.”  

Sitting in a side seat away from the audience’s sight lines, I sung the words and swung low with the sweet chariot delivered by Cyd Charisse Fulton.

It's your turn.

CHECK OUT Cyd's presentation of her most challenging works, "Stonez"  or CLICK RIGHT HERE

Cyd ~ We thank you for your undying love and support since day one!  Auburn's own, adopted daughter ~ Mz. Cyd Charisse Fulton!

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  1. The aaduna family has welcomed me with open arms since day one. Urging me to push envelopes and challenge myself to an outer level from an inner space. It is I who thank you Bill, Lisa and the aaduna staff for creating beams over and around doors that have opened for me since my involvement with such a beautiful art resource. Peace.

  2. Oh, how I loved experiencing Cyd Charisse Fulton again the beautiful magic of her voice, her words, her unabashed message! Ah. . .THIS is a poet. THIS is poetry.


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