Think 1995...recall Def Jam Recordings...bring vocalist Montell Jordan to mind.  He rocked the hip hop world with his anthem of good times....34,379,000 plus views on YouTube to date.  Two decades later...we step in!

aaduna's publisher, bill berry, jr., (who loved that song back in the day and still does,) along with Lisa Brennan, aaduna's visual arts editor and administrator, took time off from prepping the forthcoming issue. 

To do what, you may ask?

Well, they did it by coming up with the menu; prepping, and then cooking dinner for Auburn,
NY's residential homeless men at their place of safety, http://www.chapelhouseshelter.org/, for two dining sessions this past Sunday.  It was their Thanksgiving gift in honor of Leonard...our brother, colleague, friend, associate, guiding light, and manifestation of aaduna's spirit of inclusion, equity, support, and community.   
The menu?

Mixed Salad Greens, scrapped half-moon cucumber, grape tomatoes with assorted dressings

Cuban Creole Leg of Chicken with lime wedge and orange slice/parsley garnish
Roasted Cubed Potatoes
Sauteed String Beans with toasted almond slivers
Spiced Carrots
Cranberry Sauce

Bread Pudding, Ice Cream
Assorted soft drinks

After taking Monday as a day of rest (sort of,) and doing individual personal chores, they are back to doing what Leonard would want...getting the next issue prepped and ready to launch as soon as possible.

We suspect that there are people in your residential community and frame of reference that can use and would welcome your unselfish support.  Give it.  Our former submissions manager, in spirit, will embrace and savor your efforts ...your gift of time...a part of who you are.

Go 'head...

Do it the way that you want to!

We did!

Happy Thanksgiving ~

Bill and Lisa

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