Desruisseaux, Archibald, and more...

aaduna folks are working round the clock to construct the spring 2016 issue and will be doing “such work” for the next few weeks.  Mid-late May is the timeline for us to bring to you another diverse array of poets, writers, and visual artists.  As quiet as we try to keep it, we are tripping over each other with excitement because this issue’s content will challenge, inspire, captivate and prompt re-reads.

Team aaduna preparing for launch!  Photo by:  Lisa Brennan

Ready?  Let’s kick-off what we want to share from the pending issues…bits and pieces, snippets, observations, and more.    

Out of Canada, comes a voice that captivates…Philippe Desruisseaux’s story, “An Adventure with Archibald.” Here is a snippet from the start of the story:

Mike, a teenager with black and purple under his left eye, was in a very dignified neighborhood of well-landscaped lawns without any toys in them. The only unkempt lawn was David Mercer who only minded his lawn twice every summer, giving it had a haunted quality. Mike’s black eye got all the attention on his pale face. He sat on a wooden bench that was a little damp from yesterday’s rain waiting for the bus that went north. The book he was reading reflected the sunlight quite well and he couldn’t read close to the pages like he usually did.

 “May I ask you a question?” a boy of about his age stood exactly four feet away and asked. The boy had rose tinted sunglasses, blond spiked hair, and a white beaded necklace with a cross on it.

He only looked up because most people said “May I ask you a question?” or “Can I ask you something?” and then went ahead with whatever it was they were going to say; yet this speaker just starred politely and waited for him to reply.

 “Alright,” Mike said, staring awkwardly. He thought the boy would ask about his eye and Mike would lie to him and tell him he’d been in a fight that went well for him and not so well for whatever man was fool enough to cross his path.

“Do you like H.G. Wells?” the boy asked instead, referring to the hardcover he had in his hand.

Mike shrugged, “Enough to be reading his books.”

“A stout reason indeed,” the boy articulated each of his words to the fullest extent, “And since you said ‘books’ instead of ‘book’ may I safely assume you’ve read more than one of his work?”

“I’ve read two.”

“Which is your favourite?”


???? You will have to read the story to find out what happens next and where “what happens” leads to what happens next.

The spring 2016 issue of aaduna…in mid-late May.  Can you wait that long?  

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