Do you believe in magic? You decide.

Most of us grew up fascinated by legends especially those centered on wizards, magic, sorcery, dragons, knights, maidens, castles, and the perennial scary forest with trees that came to life in ominous ways. Surprisingly as adults, those childhood fantasies evolved into plausible explanations of the historical sources of legends.  From TV to movies, from books to storytelling, we remain fascinated by the essence of legends and the morality tales that emanate from age-old legends.

Merlyn Fuller, author   (photo provided)

Merlyn Fuller fully understands this phenomenon and has authored a compelling telling of the Merlin legacy.  Here is an excerpt from the Introduction to her book, The Merlinian Legend  being premiered this month in readings and performance,  

The Blessed Bairn of Beltane

In days of old, when all things past had not since turned to dust nor had stories been turned into legend nor legend into whispered lore, there was a wee bairn son born to a noblewoman named Lady Adhan. She was both refined and knowledgeable and unfortunately for the babe’s sake, not yet married.

Being a proud Lady, she would ne’er reveal the parentage of her fatherless son, although she loved and protected him and arranged for his tutoring in the ways of the magickal woods, much as her mother before her had given her similar lessons. The Sight had been given to her, and now, assuredly, to her baby as well. It has long been said that “A magician comes forth as such from his mother’s womb,” yet, it was a secret best kept to oneself…for now. The locals whispered that the new bastard was one of questionable parentage, mayhap, even sired by the Horned God, himself. The baby’s conception happened thusly:

Read the entire Introduction [illustrations throughout the book by Dharma Lefevre] in the spring 2016 issue of aaduna coming soon. You will experience a wondrous take on Merlin the Wizard!

Check out article published April 15, 2016:

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