Tumultuous Tuesday transitions to a Reflective Wednesday

Another Super Tuesday has ended in the world of national politics, and “talking heads” and politicians are pitching their analyses throughout the airwaves.  Maybe, it is time to breathe.

Tyeastia Green (Photo Provided)

Tyeastia Green, usually referred to as Tye, offers a complex anecdote to the helter-skelter world where most of us have more to do on our daily calendar than possible to accomplish.  So, do not take this moment for granted.  Read the first two stanzas of Green’s poem “Forsaken Space” and look forward to the rest of this captivating piece in the spring 2016 issue of aaduna.  Tye compels us to think about life intricacies and consequences of human action, and aaduna will feature “Forsaken Space” in its entirety along with “My Heart is Tender” and “Shadows of Dark.” You can read more of Tye in the next issue scheduled for launch in mid-late May, just a few weeks away.     

Forsaken Space

Container of Vaseline
Smells of cheap cologne, cigarettes,
Wetness of the damp space
The faucet on pace
Drip….. drip…… drip…..
The radio on the floor
Covered with cigarette ash and dust
I’m not afraid yet

You’re so cute baby girl
That’s what he says
Before grabbing my hand
Forcing me to sit
On a sweat soaked bed
A drink in his hand,
Cigarette in his mouth
It’s nothing but long ash – I wonder, will it fall to the floor?
Fire and all, disappearing into little red drops
Then, nothing.

 *   *   *
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