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As a global literary journal, aaduna provides its readers with an intimate look at creative people throughout the world. The pending spring 2016 issue continues that tradition with a particular focus on the 3rd most populous city in India. Largely Hindu; considered the IT capital of India with a fascinating history dating back to 1537, Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Kamataka. For those who look to vacation in the winter and early spring, Bangalore’s coolest month is December with temperatures around 59 degrees F, and much warmer April temps soar to 95 degrees F. But the city is not what this blog is about. 

Prarthana Banikya (Photo Provided)
Prarthana Banikya resides in Bangalore, and is a poet whose work put folks at aaduna in states of excitement. Her use of imagery and rhythmic nuances is haunting and lingers in the recesses of your mind as you ponder whether or not you can place yourself neatly between the words and lines of her poetry. So, sit back, and enjoy this brief snippet from one of the three poems that she is bringing to the spring 2016 issue.

excerpted from Banikya’s “Night Skies”

The lines in my book dance

to the music of the dark.

I think of the summer nights

we spent beyond the wild grass

reading Keats and Neruda

under orchard trees we called home.

I know it is a long night

ahead until I see you

but the stars will

keep me company

till black skies turn blue.

Finish reading “Night skies,” as well as “Summertime love” and "Lila Ronghang" in the next issue of aaduna scheduled for launch in mid-late May 2016.

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