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All too often, most of us talk about what we are going to do with our lives...what we plan to do next; what the planned life objective is at the moment in time we are having that conversation with someone else. And unless the world has changed and tipped off of its axis, I suspect our meanderings, no matter how well-intentioned, remain just that, idle wanderings of our restless mind for the overwhelmingly majority of us. Yet, some people are fortunate and courageous enough to step off of that hustle, that grid, and venture into an experience that changes them forever. For those folks, the world then opens its majestic charm and offers unique experiences that can only be achieved in a specific place, at a specific time.

The photo taken at Lion Encounters, Zimbabwe, Africa

C. Evans Mylonas journeyed from Texas to Namibia and back to Arizona, and I am willing to bet “the farm’ that because of these experiences, especially the ones on the continent of Africa, her decisions made her a changed person…forever!

Christina walked with lions; observed the dynamics of nature at its basic joyful exuberance and natural brutality, and had the opportunity to witness “creation.”

To better understand what I am trying to say, go to The Borders Gallery exhibition in the spring 2016 anniversary issue of aaduna that is now online at  

Mylonas is a writer, poet and more importantly, a wonderful photographer who has the ability to capture the subtle depth and basic emotions of life lived, celebrated and challenged.  I just wish we had more of her work to share with our readership, and she can take this statement as a hint.

Here is a photo from her exhibition featured in The Borders Gallery of aaduna's apring 2016 issue:

The Borders Gallery Spring 2016 Exhibition: "Weaver's Hands," C. Evans Mylonas, Photographer (c) 2016

Witness the rest of C. Evans’ work when you have the time to relax.  While observing her photographic talent, I hope you pointedly imagine your world as you want it to be, and then go out and manifest that mental image.  You have the power within yourself to do just that.  And no one can tell you that you can’t.

“Nough said.  Enjoy!       


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