Of Grapes and Words…

Photo by Lisa Brennan, aaduna visual arts editor

The Finger Lakes region of central New York State offers residents and visitors a diverse variety of landscapes, innovative restaurants, visible stars and moon during crystal clear nights, breathtaking sun rises and sunsets, historical venues, exhilarating day trips, and varied wineries in addition to other attractions. And while this is not a tourist driven post, there is a keen motivation to focus on the ambiance and nuances of growing grapes and creating mature and exemplary wines. It is my sensibility that making wine is similar to the textures and complexities of penning poignant poetry. So, as I maneuver through that particular filter, think about vineyards and the processes of making wine, my thoughts naturally drift to the work of Nitin Lalit.  

Nitin Lalit (photo provided)
Nitin is a twenty-something poet approaching thirty who resides in Bangalore, India. aaduna gave him his first opportunity to add “published poet” to his personal landscape, and he brings a personal touch to his poetry; cannot separate his art from his essence, and continuously draws from experiences riddled with pain to learn from and draw creative directions from those experiences. I am sure most vintners can describe their wine making trials and tribulations in a similar fashion.

At this point, think about the complexities of how wine tastes, the color, texture, and how it enhances the wonders of life as you savor it. Now, think about the characteristics of reading a poem that grabs and captures your mindset and takes you on journeys of discovery and self-realization. I suspect your reflections may be the same...the dynamics of wine and poetry creation and execution.

Here is the opening lines from Nitin’s work in the spring 2016 anniversary issue of aaduna:

For Alisha
Walking past these headstones,
in this churchyard, I kneel, look back
at the little Presbyterian prayer
hall you used to frequent,
pristine white, with blue-cushioned pews,
its simple beige altar, grey steeple, little cross,
and a miasma of nostalgia seems rise from
the architecture, slowly creeping towards me,
the twilight complementing it. I read your epitaph,
“I’m grateful, and content now, as I was when I walked,”
it says, and I choke, holding back tears
because it’s true, I remember you holding
my hand when I was utterly despondent,
finding no beauty even in the simple things

I hope you finish reading Latin’s poem.

Visit: http://aaduna.org/spring2016/poetry/nitin-lalit/


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