The Season of Distrust

Caught in the vortex of taking lives

measured and intentional

all lives do matter 

tragically different degrees of compassion

conflicting values fueled by decades of in-bred


hunted and hunters on all sides

clouding abilities to discern the complexities of being targeted

humanity erodes as fault is laid 

battling instances of coming together

ambushed from hidden places of darkness

face to face confrontation from places of darkness

murder knows no rationale 

comes in unexpected disguises 

coordinated by warped targeted deadly intentions

families caught in the dynamics of lost existence 

forever changed

answers eluding the questions

grief spreading 

seeping in cascading blots that don’t stop

won’t stop

anger becomes the purposeful unifier

love and compassion the barriers

is this Custer’s last stand?

In this season of distrust


William E. Berry, Jr.    © 2016