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We may be familiar with lawyers who have become noted and famous writers.  And I am sure there are physicians, other professionals, and career folk who transition their love of “the word” to a plateau where they share their literary creativity with the public.  There are also young people, devoid of formal academic training, who deliver a refreshing and invigorating fiction or poetic voice that makes us sit back and marvel at their creative visions.  And there are scholars whose long-standing position in higher education have enabled them to bring a level of astute scholarship and critical publications that advance knowledge even if their writing appeal is best revered by university colleagues and others interested in a specific academic discipline. 

At aaduna, we have always taken pride in the fact that our contributors cannot be defined and pigeon-holed into one arena of creativity.  Their diversity of imagination often flows across several realms of creative thought and thematic visions.  With that said,

Sarah Khan (photo provided)

Sarah Khan may be a bit different, a tad unique, an ounce or so more than the singular traveler who excels in arenas that do not often come together, hard science and creative literature.

Let’s be clear.  Khan is a young academician still in the vortex of university learning, debate, experimentation, and scholarship via primary research.  But do not take our word for it.  Explore her scholarly research:

 1. Symptoms of Depression in Emerging adults published in Annals of Psychiatry and Mental Health, 2015.

2. An opinion on Melancholia and Modernism published in Journal of Depression and Anxiety, 2016

3. Healthy diet a tool to reduce anxiety and depression published in Journal of Anxiety and Depression, 2016

Sarah provides us with a further glimpse as to her academic research and writing, “Moreover, my longitudinal study regarding the implementation of the third mentioned article is about to come to an end and will likely be published by the end of this year.”

So, let’s put the totality of Sarah’s ongoing intellectual and creative work into proper perspective. 

Ms. Khan is a prior aaduna contributor in poetry (winter 2011 issue,) and fiction, aaduna Spring 2015 issue, "A Knotted Piece of Rope."

Interestingly, she is not a mature scholar moving towards tenure and/or a full professorship.  She is part of an academic research team as a student, and assumes a notable and respected role.  (And that would not happen if Sarah did not bring academic merit and scholarly capabilities to the research process.)  

At aaduna, we have always known and can easily attest to the fact that Khan is a pivotal and forceful voice of, and for her generation.  In July 2016, she won her third poetry competition.  This August, we will feature her short story, “Limbo” in our summer 2016 issue.  A few months ago, she withdrew her initial poetry submissions and requested that we consider her story for possible publication.  She felt that strongly about "Limbo."  Understand, this poignant story is important to her!

Sarah shares, “As to the short story 'Limbo', it was written in support of those who suffer from anxiety, depression or both. I wanted to convey the message that having a mental disorder is similar to being in an abusive relationship.”


An interesting perspective…mental disorder may equal an abusive relationship…provocative...“Limbo” is one story you will want to explore in its full context.  Not as a teaser or excerpt.  You need to read the full story!  We will not spoil that experience for you. 

“Limbo” coming at you at the end of August. 

Sarah Khan, a scholar, writer, poet…writer.  Do not miss her work!

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