When you are ready to give up…think that there is no hope left…need a bridge over troubled waters?

Along comes…

Gregg Dotoli, a beacon of guiding light, a burst of heart thumping thunder, a bolt of vibrant lightning (and we are not talking about Usain Bolt,) a reflective  thinker, a masterful poet, the calm after the storm.

Gregg Dotoli, artist rendering provided

Gregg Dotoli…Just when I was beginning to despair, along came Dotoli with his gentle songs, lines that do sing, that endure long after they ring.

In the summer 2016 issue of aaduna, Gregg will present a body of work, “Ice Storm Art,” “That Rain,” “Day Dreamer,” “Leafspring,” and “Flashback.”

We are tempted to give you a teaser from each poem.  But isn’t that like going to a wine/beer/champagne/distilled spirits/apple cider or food tasting; trying several items; loving each one and wanting more?  And then you are denied...maybe another round of tastings, but not a full glass.  You are disappointed.  Saddened.

Guess what?

We will not deny you. 

However, we are only providing one teaser, a full glass though…that’s it.  You are strong enough to wait for the summer issue to be launched at the end of this month! 

So for you, our tasting is the complete poem “That Rain.”  Here is Gregg Dotoli, albeit in a limited dose.  

That Rain

crushing rain woke me
hours after midnight
each drop a flat note
pinged off this leaf or that stone
earths white noise
caused a natural claustrophobia
shrinking my mind space
inducing fear
knowing I can't escape
until it wanes

Catch all of Gregg’s poems in aaduna’s coming summer 2016 issue.  


 *   *   *
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