It is Time to Think and Decide…


"Election Day, November 8, 1864," Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, November 12, 1864

I had planned to post a blog with my sentiments about the aftershocks of the U.S. presidential election after November 8th (since “election day” is my Birth Day by the way.)  However, the current mood of America appears to coalesce around possible post-election violence if the wrong candidate wins; major schisms predicted in the very fabric of the democratic process, and a country severely divided.  So, here is what I have to say.

The United States as a democratic, diverse, and pluralistic society has a documented history of divisions.  The war between the States simply called the Civil War; racial disharmony that imprisoned Japanese Americans, denied African Americans civil and human rights, denigrated Vietnam military personnel, and years later LGBT people; the fight over women’s rights to control their bodies; the culture wars…perceived and real; the conflicts over the acceptance of refugees and current federal immigration policies; political conflict and governmental breakdown in Washington, DC,  and the insanity of disagreements over gun control…Americans are a distinct people who believe what they want to, when they want to, how they want to.  The United States gives its citizens the right to believe, embrace, and accept what is important to them and their families.  In our Constitution.  Pure and simple.  But is it?

After the attack of the World Trade Centers, all Americans found solace and strength in being one people…one goal…one country.  Many years later, especially after the too many months of 2015-16 presidential politics, the USA is a divided country…separate, unequal…angry…poised for the “revolution.” A weapons carrying country where it is legal to bring your gun into public places (in some States,) to display your means of “protection” and constitutional right as an American.  Intimidation? Safety? A wall against violence? A response to a criminal element?

So this is what I wonder. 

After whoever candidate wins, what happens in families, among friends, co-workers, friends on Facebook, and other social interactions where one’s favored candidate was different than the preferred candidate of a family member, friend, associate, co-worker, social media contact.  I have already noticed people on Facebook who are asking to be unfriended by all of those who support the candidate that they do not.  I have noticed that friends with opposing political viewpoints and favored candidates have started to drift apart.  I worry that armed conflict may become an actual reality…there is already talk of impeachment if the wrong candidate is elected on November 8th.

America is poised for two or more separate countries…divided within itself…poised to become the type of country that American military forces all too often have to intervene and occupy in order to bring some type of social order and peace.  Is that where we are headed?  Do Americans… do you want to go there? 

Maybe I am an alarmist, a cynic, more than jaded. 

Am I totally off-base in my assessment of what this country and its people can survive?  Can we as Americans really become greater…better…stronger…together?

Time will tell, as it always does.

aaduna will continue to try to bring diverse, multi-cultural creative voices, word and visual expressions to our reading public that will strengthen whatever America becomes over the next four years, either with an ease of self-expression or a struggle against an environment of singular thinking and lessening of the value of diverse and divergent voices.  

Time will tell, as it always does.    

~ bill


  1. The country has weathered ISIL ,Communist threats , Hitler and Tojo.......we shall weather this polarizing election season...........

    1. Point well taken. However, dealing with primarily external forces are one thing...when the adverse issues become internal, domestic factors that affect daily life...citizen to citizen relationships...those irritants prompt a different and possibly cautious reaction. And yes, weathering the storm is indeed our goal. hen there is the aftershocks.


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