Rudolph and other reflections…

Okay, let’s just flip past the red-nosed characterization. 

bill berry & Lisa Brennan, "Red Nose Day" participants, May 26, 2016

Truth be told, I purchased red noses to wear for the annual Red Nose Day that is kept in a single drawer of a red painted, double brass handle, Formica topped, metal table for 364 days out of a year.  More importantly, I wonder if your child, friend or life partner was laughed at by several others, called names, and never let join in any social activities or games, would you consider those actions as bullying?!  

Think about that for a moment, and then focus on why so many of us continue to sing loudly and happily along with Gene Autry when he croons Johnny Marks’ holiday song. 

Now, since we are challenging misplaced sensibilities, did you know Mr. Marks was Jewish even though he wrote several widely popular Christmas songs? So, let’s recognize the significance of Hanukkah and its world-wide significance, and don’t get caught up in the misplaced movement to make “Merry Christmas” instead of Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greeting as the pre-ordained, official USA salutation for the holiday season.

I hope and trust that you will hold diversity in all its multi-cultural representations as a basic premise of your world-view.

I suspect aaduna readers, fans, supporters, and contributors are pertinent trailblazers, and not followers of whatever may be the “propaganda” of the moment whether it be so-called political correctness or simply, ill-conceived social or political rhetoric.  Any one of us may disagree with colleagues. However, respect, civility and understanding of divergent opinions are central to the exchange of global and local creative ideas.  So, what does any of this stuff have to do with aaduna?

aaduna challenges. aaduna opens doors to worlds not yet seen. aaduna makes you think; offers solace to the intricacies of living life, and provides the motivation for reflection and contemplation of life even during a holiday period.  With that said, here are snippets from aaduna contributors, Pokes, Baldwin-Sease, Raicu and Giannettino featured in aaduna's upcoming issue (Volume 6/ issue 3):

Paulo Sayson, aka Paul Pokes (photo provided)

Paulo Sayson, better known in writing circles as Paul Pokes, transports us to another world.  Here is the opening of his story, “The Manila Can of Worms”   

It was Sunday morning at Uncle Sam's Convenience Store. Sammie's first customer of the day was Mr. A. Hal. When the man walked in, he darted straight to the display shelves opposite the checkout counter. Mr. A. Hal. planted himself in front of the fishing supplies and home cleaning tools. The shopkeeper could see his customer wore a dull black t-shirt and blue classic cut jeans with tears by the heels and knees. Bony fingers hooked along the white edge of the top shelf while studying the different cans of worms.
Unknown to both men, a tiny world existed inside the cramped cylindrical cans stacked on the shelves.
"Hello! Is there anyone out there?" a female voice called out. Someone shushed her quickly. She looked around but couldn't tell who spoke.
"No one ever hears us. Scream all you like," a masculine voice said.
"There's a new brand up there. Manila Worms. It claims to be top of the line, imperishable worms," Uncle Sam said out loud while flipping through Time magazine.
Seconds later, Mr. A. Hal fingered the can on his way to the counter. The table was stacked breast-high with jars and jars of candies, lollipops, small packs of chocolate cookies, and bags of potpourri that smelled of limes and apples. 

Zacqueline Baldwin-Sease (photo provided)

Zacqueline Baldwin-Sease brings the joy, insights, and vitality of her generation to her poetry. Ponder this brief stanza from “No,” one of her three poems awaiting you in aaduna’s
Vol. 6, No.3

This is me being buried by you
you’re, Oh So intoxicating
Can the lion truly love the lamb
These feelings must dwindle and die
Find their own sunsets

Laura Raicu (photo provided)

Laura Raicu writes stories with a poignancy that is real-life drama.  She challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone and glimpse issues that may be beyond our reach.  Here is a snippet from her story, “The Marble Buddha.”

She told him she was going to India just before their three year anniversary. He had made a reservation at Augusto’s, where they had been on their first date. But she was gone within the
            “I need to do this. For myself,” she said.
            “So that’s it.” He had meant for it to come out as a question, but his voice fell at the end, the words clipped and jagged.
            She sighed, exasperated.
“I’m finding who I am,” she said, “You don’t understand.”
            “Go fuck yourself then.”
            The hurt in his voice was obvious. In the past, she would have wrapped her arms around him, pressed her nose into his chest, kissed him like she was taking sips of water. But now she walked out so quickly, so easily, so unattached.
            He picked up the small Buddha statue she had left on his desk and ran to the balcony to throw it at her departing car. It landed with a thud in the middle of the street, and - to his annoyance - it remained completely intact. 

Jimmy Giannettino is a visionary in the early plateau of [I predict] an important photographic career. He documents. He explores. He becomes intertwined with his subjects in the quiet and sensitive manner in which he captures their moments of life lived. Here are a few images from his exhibition, "A Moment in Time...Understand, Embrace," (Part 1 and 2) Jimmy Giannettino, photographer contained in the Borders and Penalver Galleries, Vol. 6, No.3 of aaduna.

aaduna Borders Gallery, "A Moment in Time...Understand, Embrace," (Part 1)

aaduna Borders Gallery, "A Moment in Time...Understand, Embrace," (Part 1)

aaduna Penalver Gallery, "A Moment in Time...Understand, Embrace," (Part 2)


Enjoy your evening. 

Happy Hanukkah.  

Enjoy Christmas Eve.

And if you are so inclined, leave cookies and hot chocolate where it is noticeable, especially for someone who will be in a hurry!   HO HO HO  

 *   *   *
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