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Of Grapes and Words…

The Finger Lakes region of central New York State offers residents and visitors a diverse variety of landscapes, innovative restaurants, visible stars and moon during crystal clear nights, breathtaking sun rises and sunsets, historical venues, exhilarating day trips, and varied wineries in addition to other attractions. And while this is not a tourist driven post, there is a keen motivation to focus on the ambiance and nuances of growing grapes and creating mature and exemplary wines. It is my sensibility that making wine is similar to the textures and complexities of penning poignant poetry. So, as I maneuver through that particular filter, think about vineyards and the processes of making wine, my thoughts naturally drift to the work of Nitin Lalit.

Publisher’s Note: July 21, 2017

Mr. Nitin Lalit has disavowed his presence in aaduna; decided to no longer be associated with his poem, and has severed his name from this work and the work itself.  aaduna is sensitive to and understand…