Embrace Thomas, Yuan, Magdelene, O'Grady: Day 13: aaduna's NMP Party

Chance Meeting

The poetry of beautiful coincidence,
a mosaicked moment of the meeting of lips.
Ignited with the inspiration of watercolor whispers,
wishes where we dream in your pastel pallet.
to slow dance in your accent,
to taste the honey that drips from your intention.
Rocked to sleep in your gentle eyes.
With the best view in Venice,
my periscope has shifted.
I am starting to feel safer in this hall of mirrors.
I am starting to peek outside without the mask.
The wind of your flight path might bring you back,
where definitions will be more pronounced and
there will no longer be these only ifs and never was.

The night will split us
in half,
to see which side of the coast sinks in.
As we write this geography of want.
I will greet every piece of me
you have kissed,
hold hands with the memory,
in the window reflection
where Christmas lights twinkle in August.
Swimming in the sea of your sweet breath welcome,
I can see the shore.

© 2013 Kelly Grace Thomas 
Venice, California   
Kelly Grace Thomas (photo provided)

* * *

Defining Situational Irony

The cat bullied by a mouse
The dead tree standing in full bloom
The gold mine snoring underground in a remote corner

The big breast suffocating its lover
The fire truck burning in flame
The optometrist becoming blind
The cooks holding a hunger strike
The hockey player scoring against his own team
The survivor dying of thirst in the sea
The patient feeling cold on a scorching summer afternoon
The greatest story never told to the world
The junklines published widely under a renowned name

The police officer murdering a witness
The wicked egoist elected as a national leader

© 2012 Changming Yuan                  
Seattle, Washington  

Changming Yuan (photo provided)


* * *


Sometimes Life is merely
walking in circles while holding one's head,
marching like a turtle
never knowing the expanse of horizon
beyond its shell
These circles are a play of fools and amateurs,
a tragic circus of laughter for one and all
amid the tune
of decadent misery and impoverished joys
Yet Life returns us to the inevitable Path
with more empathy and knowledge
than we had the day before
This is both our evolution and our birthright:
that we stand together to forge new edifices
with the ashes of golden ages
we mix with our tears.

© 2012 Rhonda Olivia Magdelene    
Atlanta, Georgia      
Rhonda Olivia Magdelene (photo provided)

* * *


“Why does the butterfly go and

© 2017 Sean O’Grady
Maui, Hawaii    

Sean O'Grady (photo provided)


 *   *   *
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