Experience Lamphere, Menon, Clark, Barnes + aaduna's NMP: Day 14

Gods’ Will

I can feel it
It’s all around me

You don’t have long now
Before you take that final bow

It’s heavy
Pressing against my body
Trying to succumb

You’ve been sleeping so much
Don’t leave me alone
I can still feel your touch

It’s becoming a second skin
If only I could peel it away

Your body is so frail
You won’t eat
You just want to sleep and sleep

It’s attached itself completely now
Hugging me tight

Will you wake up do you thing?
You need to eat.
Take a drink

I’ve lived a good life.
We’ve had happy times,
Me and my wife.

You’re almost gone aren’t you?
You won’t come back to me will you?

The pain is going away.
Deaths hug is expelling it.

You’re ready to go.
Today you told me so.
I’m ready to go.
Today I told her so.

You should be at peace.
I should give you release.

She’s releasing me now.
I can feel it somehow.

He’ll be out of pain.
I want that for him.
He’s had it for so long.

The pain is completely gone now.
It feels so good not to feel.
I’m taking my final breaths now.

His hand has gone limp.
His chest has gone still.
I’ll miss him so.

Damn God’s Will.

Damn God’s Will.

© 2015 Cindy Lamphere
Weedsport, New York                       

Cindy Lamphere (photo provided)

* * *

Busy Hands Of A Cook

Black weathered skin, rheumy eyes, halo of white hair.
Her attire stripped to bare essentials,
a blouse and an underskirt, in the hot kitchen
Hands that cooked the myriad dishes
for every sumptuous meal served with pickles.
Hands that snatched away my stainless steel plate
before I could return it to the kitchen.
Hands that washed away beach sand
from my gritty soles.
Hands that wove white and orange jasmine garlands
for my brown hair
Hands that accepted a tip,
a loving token of my appreciation.

© 2012 Tara Menon               
Lexington, Massachusetts                  

Tara Menon (photo provided)

* * *

Kinky Hair in Four Movements

Momma stroked kinky hair in cardinal directions:
up kinks, down knots, right brushes to surf
   waves, and left brushes to rake

curls;   you need shoulder rehabilitation, brush
kinks.   Wanna build character, comb
them.  Once

I thought dandruff was a new feature
of orange Flintstone push pops;
but I hate that
I do not remember their taste.

© 2012 Patrick Lee Clark                  
Las Cruces, New Mexico       

Patrick Lee Clark (photo provided)

* * *

Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (38)

One frame inheriting another…
Blood on marble and white roses.
Stand-alone vampire crystallizes into a statue.
The nearest pall-bearer sucks air.  Crushed urn.

Froth overruns chapelry pews
Through a hinge-wrecked door –
An ephemeral embodiment.

© 2013 Christopher Barnes
Newcastle, United Kingdom

Christopher Barnes (photo provided)

 *   *   *
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