Powerful: Kitsinelis, Flores, Rentas, Wilson - Day 15: aaduna's NPM

Celebration of loneliness


Let the wine flow brothers,

tonight I am celebrating loneliness.
Tonight I will drown my bitterness
into the stream of my tears
and I will imprison love
with my pen onto this paper.
All the channels have been blocked;
all the roads lead to dead ends,
so bring on the wine
to celebrate the loss of hope.
For if you want a struggle to end,
you just surrender.
If you want to purify your agonies
you embrace them and dance with them
to the sound of the flowing wine.

© 2012 Spiros Kitsinelis                    
Athens, Greece   
Spiros Kitsinelis (photo provided)

* * *

Anxiety of Influence

I’m not a piece of shit
just a deep feeler. 

No time for mind-numbing small talk
unless evocative can be distilled from mundane.

Since I too will die, time is of the essence
meaning unless you’re referencing hard data
regarding human extinction at the hands of climate change,
don’t care to listen to your impressions about the weather.

Or care to listen to anything
spewing from the girl
who had two abortions,
now a reborn Christian
card carrying Republican
who prays  to her God
to enlighten the Supreme Court
and overturn Roe v. Wade

Or to the lawyer
who shared his profound revelation
that education is the key to his success
and if everyone reads and works hard like he did,
they too can be anything,
as if life were that simple.

Nice people, are the worst,
their vile sick insecurity
masked by a smile and gleaming eyes
prolonged politeness
but just below the façade 
a monolith
of lies, manipulation, and cowardice
to insulate from the inclement truth.

I’m pulling my fucking hair out
because that’s the show I want to watch,
that is not a thought I want to call my own,
those are my friends, does it matter,
I already have plans, just want to sit and read
no need to explain.
And the only honesty in this poem
came from the homeless man
standing like a cliché on a dirty corner,
his sign read:


I mean seriously people,
the news reported last night
that each one of us
is on a conveyor belt
about to become a Krispy Kreme donut,
yet we just chit chat, like nothing
through our teeth.

What’s the point of anything,
fall in love, only to be betrayed or unfulfilled
make money, only to die
have success, if only your mind cares.

Am I’m here simply
to consume my portion of the world’s oxygen?
Then, I’m gone?
Was I ever here?
And what does it mean to be here?

There is something passive aggressive about it all
Does God need a therapist too?

Maybe I am just full of shit!

© 2012 Carlos Evaristo Flores        
    Laredo, Texas        

Carlos Evaristo Flores (photo provided)

* * *

The lost room

Hey papi
Can I call u papi?
U probably don't remember me,
But I passed by your mind
The other day
To see if I had a room,
I was thinking u know....
Maybe if there were walls,
With framed pictures
Of what could have been
Maybe dresser drawers
With perfect folded love
Or regrets hanging
In a closet.
I thought it would be easy to find
Maybe with a painted blue or pink door,
Where maybe a potential name hangs,
Elizabeth? or Victor?
I guess I solved the answer to my own question.
I know I was only 2 1/2 months
if u had a chance to see, my face and it resembled yours,
Or a hand with at least 2 or 3 fingers,
I could have at least waved hello to u,
Or maybe a foot with some toes!
Then would u have kept me!!!!!??
The only thing I did have since day one!
Was something u never did!
And I see u still don’t.
A heart!
U never bathed me,
Hugged me
Kissed me
Cleaned my dirty diaper
My crying never kept u
awake throughout the night,
I Never gave u a struggle nor
Did I ever make this bitch called" life"
An even Tougher fight!!
this year I would have been four
Papi all I ask
Can u start building my door?

© 2012 Giovanni Rentas                   
Jersey City, New Jersey                     

Giovanni Rentas (photo provided)

* * *

300 Million Strong

All around me, I see my family
300 million strong…
From all walks of life
And every nation on earth
From all seven continents combined
Representing a family sublime

Divided by language, culture, color and creed
Yet trying our hardest to be
One Nation under God…
From all walks of life, my eyes behold
All God’s children,
Living and dwelling together as brethren

For we are not black nor white or yellow or brown
We are humans of all shades of brown
The human race created by God
To bring forth
His Beauty, Glory
And Grace

The people here before us with their culture intact
Have influenced the way we interact
For no man lives to himself
And no man dies to himself
Our lives are intertwined
From the day we first exhale

So we are not a perfect union
Yet we must all strive to be
That one person who tries
To make life better
For others in the Family
Of 300 Million Strong

We are learning to live together,
Respecting each other,
Learning to be our brother’s keeper
While loving and helping one another
In this our family

300 million Strong
Descendants of people
Who left the Old World
Some willingly, others unwilling,
To settle in the New
And somehow make it their own

The gifts they brought benefit us all
Every country, culture and tribe
Represented in these Great United States
Brought something to America
That can never
Be taken away, ever!

Yes, we know we are not a perfect union
But still we must all strive to be
That one person who tries
To make life better for others
In this family of
300 Million Strong!!!!!

© 2012 Masnoh Wilson                     
Ansonia, Connecticut         

Masnoh Wilson (photo provided)

 *   *   *
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