Exhilarating...Making Joyful Noise

The past few weeks have been an adventure in ups and 1-2 declines that were eventually transitioned to ups.  Frankly, we are quite busy communicating with the authors and artists that will be featured in the Premier Issue...editorial comments, getting the Letter of Agreement out, responding to concerns, as well as getting the website ready for launch and all the issues that pertain to that task!  In addition, we released the Call for Submissions for the Spring/Summer 2011 Issue, and will get a press release out to local venues when we get the chance to sit and pause.  I will share the Call with the aaduna community by this weekend, and ask that you foward it to all your e-mail contacts.  Keep in mind, we are trying to uncover interested emerging and established creative folk, as well as build and ignite the readership base for aaduna.  

I hope to announce the date for the initial Board of Advisors Meeting before month's end.  

As soon as the charter group of writers and artists are finalized, they will receive an invitation to this blog, and I will open it up to comments.  It will still remain a private blog.

I hope January is kicking off a good new year for everyone.