Moving in Multiple Directions...

ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, NY
ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!  Graphics of the Black Panther Party USA, exhibit:  January 8th through February 19, 2011
Each of us probably does the same thing, multi-tasking; trying to juggle all the balls in the air; running all over the place.  You know the drill.  And I wonder if we remember the advice of our parents when we tried these tasks while growing up?  Anyway, the second month of the new year approaches and aaduna is shifting into overdrive.  This afternoon, I restocked Downtown Books & Coffee with the new Call flyer; placed some at Eureka in Armory Square in Syracuse, and at ArtRage, the Norton Putter Gallery on Hawley Avenue in that city.  While at the gallery, I reflected on the images contained in the current exhibition, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!Graphics of the Black Panther Party USA.  This show elicited vivid and provocative memories of such a different time.  Moving on...In a few months, aaduna BOA member, Ellen Blalock will have her work exhibited at the gallery in an exhibition titled CNY PRIDE FAMILIES from April 30 - June 11.

Lisa continues her work, and collaboration with Veronica Ramos, the web designer (Indigo Graphics and Design) who is manifesting aaduna's online presence.  While I may be biased, their work rocks!