What's behind Persecution?

Back in the day, there were melodic voices harmonizing words on street corners devoid of instrumentation.

Back in the day, swift hands drummed rhythms from Africa and Cuba sweetened with an occasional timbale, flute, trumpet or voice that stimulated people to congregate on park benches or boardwalks adjacent to the beach.

Back in the day, The Last Poets rhymed words into poignant and empowering stories and realistic fables that set the stage for later day rappers, street poets, and word masters.

Today, poetry is an ever evolving genre that maintains tradition but encompasses the urban artist who spins words and phrases into insights, who gestures here 'n' there with the dramatic flourish and fluidity of a street corner preacher.

So, what is behind Persecution?  Maybe an avenue of twists and turns that brings you to the abyss of understanding your inner truths through another person's experiences.

I guess you should find out for yourself what's behind Persecution. 

(c) 2014 Persecution Avenue (Photo provided)

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