The Austin Festival continues…

That’s right!
Austin C. Morgan (c) 2015 (Photo Provided)

While you may have thought the festival ended, Austin Morgan returns with another intriguing story, “The Embers of Dusk” the second installment of a four part series that may rest with the overall title, "The Automatic Orchestra" when it is in book form.  For now, we simply refer to these stories as the "Melancholy Quartet."   

Austin's first story with aaduna, “Julie Templeton and the AutomaticOrchestra,” was published in aaduna's summer 2014 issue, and it tantalized our readers.  His second piece is an ambitious piece of story- telling that once again shows Mr. Morgan's mastery of words, narrative imagery, and movement through space and time.    

So, let the festival continue.  Austin returns in aaduna's upcoming 5th anniversary-spring 2015 issue scheduled for publishing this month!

Here’s an unedited teaser from “Embers…”

                                                             The Birth of Féna

            Upon the series of discoveries made in regard to the “New World” of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the land that was the “New World” was the cause of great debate and dispute among the century’s ruling nations; Spain wanted colonization, England wanted a new field in which to practice industrialization, and the newly-formed Rodinian Empire wanted to expand its great reaches of power by declaring the “New World” a Rodinian society. 

            As fate would have it, beginning in the year of 1701, a number of battles were fought upon the soil of the “New World” between Spain and England, which was now acting on behalf of the Rodinians who, in turn, had promised England a large portion of the land to use as “industrial fields.” 

            The Coastal Battle of 1705 had seen the Englishmen retreat in defeat as Spain began to construct housing developments and army posts along the eastern shorelines of the New World. 

            Spanish conquistador Roman Peurlez lead troops into a particularly bloody battle against the British in the Battle of 1709, which lasted for nearly two years, ending in yet another British retreat in 1711. 

Austin Morgan's story will continue in the next issue of aaduna!

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