On the cusp of discovery…pushing the door open even wider.

The initial hesitancy and anxiety has given way to curiosity and wanting to know more.  New contributors…new work…new opportunities to re-imagine what you thought was intriguing…we will offer nutritious brain food...soon enough…these are samples from the tasting menu!

Here are snippets from additional summer/fall 2015 contributors:

Jacqueline Henry Hill’s excerpt from “Detour” goes straight to your soul,

another errand,
same instructions.
go straight there. don’t stop. don’t talk to nobody.
stay away from those boys.  come right back.
a dripping sticky moistness attacks  her hairline,
dark visage,  patent leather-shiny and dewy damp.
an adventuresome spirit whispers a daring detour,
safety secured by villagers, seen and unseen.

Dean Hathout’s opening lines from “Walking Past my Dignity

To their cars and shops, to the flower mart
They hurriedly scurry along
While I sleep on the streets, next to my cart
In places they say I don’t belong
They pretend not to see me, an inconvenient truth
To them, I am just a bum, unkempt and uncouth.

Gladys Barbieri’s opening to her story, “Spa-cation”

Funny farm, the loony bin, and the nut house, are common terms used to describe a place or an institution, remotely removed from civilization, full of people who have literally lost their shit.  But it’s a completely different story when one of your own is living this nightmare, wearing a wristband, stamped with a medical number, and a cop watching her every move.

The text read: IT’S CHAR - URGENT! My gut immediately told me that Violet was in trouble. She had a mean case of the reds and I knew she had done the unthinkable. I called Char and told her to call Violet’s mom.  Char, pulled over on the side of the road in Van Nuys, screamed hysterically, “I already did and Magda’s clueless.” Her voice was muffled against the traffic raging by. “Said I was exaggerating. Hello, she emailed me a suicide letter….

Geoffrey D. Holman returns to aaduna with new work…Here is a sample of his provocative style:

"Baltimore on Fire," Geoffrey D. Holman (c) 2015


Robert Bharda (Ward) joins our community of visual artists with his exhibition.  Here is one piece to savor until the next issue is launched:

"Tidepool," Robert Bharda (Ward), (c) 2015


Our new issue is working it's ways towards you.  No doubt!   


  1. These appetizers have whetted my appetite.


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