Okay, it is Sunday morning, grab that cup of…

whatever jolts your day into reality, kick starts your brain to make sense of your Saturday night behavior, sparks your thoughts as to how you want to spend the day…the day before you re- enter your world of work come tomorrow. 

Tim Snyder (photo provided)
Tim Snyder has the ability to get juices revved up and flowing every which way through his writing. His gritty, unwavering telling of stories reveals the rawness of human emotions and the conflicts that people routinely got through taking others along with them for tumultuous life journeys. So, grab that libation; sit back, and read an excerpt from his story “Johnny and Mini” currently featured in aaduna’s spring 2016 anniversary issue, and then “read the complete story and his bio in that issue. And by the way, “Johnny and Mini” is an excerpt from Tim’s debut novel, Berserker. 

Johnny and Mini had been together for nearly seven months now. At 35 years old, Johnny’s dating history before Mini was lackluster, at best. Typically, he stuck to one night stands and detached, meaningless sex— which was not as difficult to find as one might think. Especially for a young guy that knew how to work the scene. Black girls, white girls, yellow girls, young, old, fat, thin, crippled, or spry… Johnny had no preference.
As an ambitious writer, the freedom that came with his turn-and-burn outlook was ideal as it helped to deliver quite a bit of success during his late twenties. In fact, at just 29 years old, Johnny had already published two different novels that actually sold fairly well, enough that he didn’t have to pick up another job, anyway. Based on your source, one was even well-received, sort of. Johnny was hoping, however, that with his next book he would be catapulted into an even higher level of prestige. He wanted a bestseller. He wanted a Pulitzer. He wanted to be interviewed by the gangly and revered Charlie Rose.
It had been nearly six years since his last publication, though. Too much sex and debauchery, too much partying. His work ethic and desire were running dry. No matter how hard he tried, spending hours in deep snoring meditation at his antique, mahogany desk, he just couldn’t think of anything to spew onto the paper. He had reached the limits of his consciousness, or so he worried constantly. In a few months’ time, the growing isolation and his clogged imagination morphed into paranoia and panic attacks, into crippling delusions.

 *   *   *
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