aaduna kicks-off the forthcoming spring 2017 issue

We have a lot to share with you, so let’s get started with snippets, blurbs, and teasers from the soon to be launched spring 2017 anniversary issue and its contributors:

Michael Lee Johnson (photo provided)

Returning to aaduna, Michael Lee Johnson’s poetic fierceness is on fire.  Residing in Itasca, Illinois, Lee is a prolific poet and publisher.  Here are the opening lines of “When Will These Vietnam War Poems End (I am too Old for War Past and Present Tense)”

I am too old for war.
I am on a road with worn out jeans,
cowboy hats, boots, leather vests, nothing more left of Alberta.
I was young, skinny, thought I was bright.
Green, I was strong, Indiana oak trees.
I was 6'4, tall giraffe available
draft minus one and heading Canadian North.

* * *

Ella Daniels (photo provided)

Living in Cordoba, Spain, Ella Daniels brings poignancy, life experiences and keen insights  to her writing.  Here is a brief “look-see” from her creative non-fiction work, “Melilla”

“There are few black women in Melilla, none that climbed the fence anyway. They're at home, in Senegal or some other torn and bleeding place, suffering, waiting and dying. Moroccan women are hostile, confused. I'm dark and so I'm ugly. My hair is curly...and so it's ugly. But I'm smiling? I'm confident? Why? They don't like it. I don't like them.”

* * *

Patrick A. Howell (photo provided)

Patrick A. Howell may be a wunderkind who now resides in Carlsbad, California.  A prolific writer and businessman, Howell’s opening paragraph of his “Quarter ‘til Judgment Day” offers a brief glimpse into his creative mind:

It is 11:40 p.m. on a Friday night in November and I am on the topmost floor of Berkowitz Stephens (or complete B.S. as I have come to call it these days) vomiting violently over the charcoal water-resistant carpet.  Apparently, the cognac in my flask and raspberry flavored vodka in my office mate Joe’s drawer don’t mix as well as I would have hoped.    I have been spending days and nights at the office for the past month, cold calling, warm calling existing clients, building assets under management, analyzing assets for performance and just getting it done. 

* * *

aaduna’s spring 2017 anniversary issue will come at you when you least expect it!!!

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