Day 26 - Celebrate NPM17 with Green, Leach, Smith, and Copeland!

Shadows of Dark

We grow accustomed to the dark
Truth hidden in lies
Falsehoods covered by shadows
Only light can save you
Illuminate you from unheard truths that stain
But instead
We hold on the dark
There’s safety there and disdain
A place where one can only see
What is allowed
What parts of you that steps out from the shadows, still covered
We carry the darkness like backpacks
Piling books upon books in stacks
We bury the dark within our souls
Darkness becomes us
The story we’ve told and tell
A million times over
The memories stay stagnant
In that darkness
However painful, but
There’s a comfort …. There
There’s a comfort in knowing
The heaviness is ours to bear
To bury
Or to hold
And we survived.

© 2016 Tyeastia Green                                  
Minneapolis, Minnesota  

Tyeastia Green (photo provided)

* * *


Tonight I turned the TV off
to poke around my ribcage
at the sparrow lying there.
Did it move? Is it dead?

Or is some tiny spark inside
still dancing with desire,
its tattered wings just waiting
to fly out of this dark cloud?

© 2016 Dan Leach                             
Kearney, Nebraska 

Dan Leach (photo provided)

* * *


Thick busy animal tail hair
Untamed wild, rare.
Follicles speaks
yesterdays’ tweets.

Battling combs, eyes that frown, judge
strands cannot budge.
Hair distorted
is contorted.

Cut like felled trees, hair dots the floor.
Mighty no more.
Her, alive, new
shining like dew.

© 2016 Phylise Smith                        
Pomona, California

Phylise Smith (photo provided)

* * *

To You Who Read These Lines

I share your gaze and the haze of my wish,
Your eye meeting my I; your inner thought,
Your self-same person, not myself and mine:
That I may share a space with you in you -
I, who have hoped too hard and trusted long,
But long without merit. May it be worth -
May I be worth the time taken to arrive,
On dusty pages; obsolete no more.
Not now, where two may be one, God dwells too.
Ourselves come marked, the dust fills our trail,
Still we meet and line by line we intertwine.
The thought of you loving you - Such goodness -
God’s goodness, indeed; But I, Human,
My eyes inside you; the one I would wish.

© 2015 DC Copeland                        
New York, New York  

DC Copeland (photo provided)

 *   *   *
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