Day 5: Jackson, Attah, Jaravani, Reynders celebrate National Poetry Month


is a game that doesn’t calls itself a game
 but the managerial skills of saving lives
of getting all the kaleidoscope to evenly
hold on the surfaces of the prism and in doing
gamesmanship isn’t akin to upmanship 
but a  juggling of scarce resources
a juggling of  race creed color
and still a game pretentious enough as to not call  itself a game
as it shifts destinies across the poker table 
 balls tossed in the air, a juggling act  of calming the next foment
that the axis also takes respective dire situations of us around the world and back,
to a futuristic time in which the rough shod surfaces are made even
fingers working at the speed of light
knitting  intricate inter-plays of solution,
while overflowing  the rim
the impatience of those  whose spittle and bile
runs like a busted  waste pipe
 in the cry for some semblance of justice,
fingers pecking at a keyboard   
different words same meaning
of supplanting an empty space
loosing one in the process
of saving one,
the smallest of them
even the tiny

© 2016 Eaton Jackson                                   
Neptune, New Jersey     

Eaton Jackson (photo provided)

* * *

Growing Up

It’s so hard, preparing just to fail
Why are all these people going to jail?
A 50% graduation rate
This world is full of hate
I don’t want to grow up
                           But, I have to show up
All this peer pressure
They try to make me feel lesser
But, I know who I am
The most important thing is my fam
I have a future
I will be “A” man
But wait, What is a man?
Do I have to have the most money?
Do I have to be funny?
Do I have to have new shoes?
Is that what’s cool?
Do you want me to act “white”
Is that what’s right?
I will fight the good fight
You don’t have to believe in me
Just wait and see
 There’s nothing to fear
Your own future is near
Challenge yourself
And you will your real self

© 2016 Victor A. Attah                     
Syracuse, New York              

Victor A. Attah (photo provided)

* * *

I am The Shade

I am the shade,
Behind mankind I sit.
Unnoticed, undisturbed I am.

I am the shade,
That tears families apart,
I cause strife between brothers.

I am the shade,
That roars in the wild.
The predator of predators.

I am the shade,
Driving nations into war,
Ending lives of the young

Yet I am the same shade,
That glimmer of hope,
Stuck in the eyes of a child

I am the shade.
Innocence of true love,
I bind enemies in matrimony.

I am the shade,
The darkness demons revel in.
Uncontained, undefined

© 2016 Tim Jaravani
Harare, Zimbabwe                 

Tim Jaravani (photo provided)

* * *

The Light

Two individuals stumbled through the darkness,
Darkness so impenetrable with memories and sorrow,
Each had made the promise not to forget the other,
To walk with the other no matter how gloomy it became,
The light will always come but in waiting for the light comes the true challenge.

© 2015 David Reynders
Lehi, Utah   

David Reynders (photo provided)

 *   *   *
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