Bella, reneau, jr., Reid, and Chandler - OMG! Day 8: aaduna's National Poetry Month Celebration


You felt the ego slid across
a pale torso, sinking into
the down memory lane.
Through hazy curtains of
frothy gin, you slowed near
dark with no stars, west
to the rearmost quarters
where lit neon of the Boon-
dock Saints stunted green,
teethed with the swirling
whorls of your heretic-form
collapsing into a mamba of
cigarette ash. You walked
on, walking the holed street
of Toulouse, hallelujahs
trickled from tiny wounds of
yellow-eyed streetwalkers,
gusto with which a rivulet of
cello and violin bunched by
the rising point of chicory on
white-bellied birds. In the red
sweeter mouth, your tongue
worked lost braiding calypso,
tendrils collaring flat, like dead
sons felled still on battlefield.

© 2016 Lana Bella                             
Nha Trang, Vietnam 

Lana Bella (photo provided)

* * *


this is not a brooding & dark that wants what it can’t have.

this is a chimaera, a mythological beast with the head of a lion
the body of a goat & the tail of a serpent.

this is not wetly oiled & intimate secrets,
not recollection’s revisionism, 
pulling cashmere lapels of fog over the damp ache of lost love.

this is the chameleon who lets us see what she wants us to see.

this is not better than it used to be when change is gonna’ come.

this is the elephant described by three blind men.

this is not the acquaintance you wave to in passing, the associate
who claims to have your back, or the friend most likely
to stab you in the back.

this is what is to be withheld & granted selectively.

this is not a mind of winter where springtime dies
beneath the demon frost.

this is the only thing worse than being blind is being
the only one who can see.

© 2015 henry 7. reneau, jr.                
Lindsay, California

Henry 7. reneau, jr.

* * *                      

Creation’s Lemonade

Pain, sorrows sometimes darken your day.  Whether it is because of your own imperfections,
Misjudgments or simply life own disappointments it happens. 
Tears leak out your eyelids dropping moisture down your face.  The saltiness of the mixture then
But a fast moving bird in the sky catches my
eye.  In that moment of pure awe the misery
Is that creations lemonade? 
Looking at the blueness of the sky calms my broken heart.  The different s shapes of the clouds
awakens my mind and imagination to a healthier state.  The squirrels leaping from branch to branch
gives me joy
Creation gave me a cool glass of refreshing, sparkling lemonade this day.

© 2016 Dietra Reid                           
Baltimore, Maryland              

Dietra Reid (photo provided)

* * *

Perplex Blessing

If it was to be lost in plain sight
What a disturbing matter this is
Unless a certain inquiring mind
Finds transparency to be useful
Because maybe it is never lost
How else can you move forward
If you allow fear and melancholy
To stand directly in front of you
Where there is no hiding from it

By lost something else is found

© 2016 Fred Chandler                                   
Los Angeles, California   

Fred Chandler (photo provided)


 *   *   *
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