Embracing...Holman, Arias, Rafeek, Guirantes - aaduna's NPM: Day 29

Oh! These beautiful things

I see the beauty still there somewhere

in the smile of a child and even a simple

/in the Spring when the flowers come

and when the sun's on your side

a slight breeze in the air as you whistle

showing your grand son how to ride a

a bike- your daughters graduation from

high school-oh these beautiful things

A young mother and father look at their

new born baby in amazement/life is here/

love is here/Life is still here

I see the beauty still there somewhere

Oh these beautiful things

© 2017 Jeffrey D. Holman                
Bronx, New York

Jeffrey D. Holman (photo provided)

* * *


It was a strange and wondrous thing 
a weight on my left side 
a strange stone 

a rainbow of colors in a clear setting 

and yet today it melds into me as a natural growth 

naked without it and yet 
with no clothes its the only thing i feel inclined to wear 

a constant reminder of always and forever 
and yet a binding to keep me grounded and safe 
Safe in arms 
And yet free to be me
Fully me 
Uncontrollable do what I want when I want how I want me 
And yet grounded me 
Focused me 
Family me 
Grounding so I can always find home 
No matter how far I fly 

Strange - all it was was a stone on a round.

© 2017 Isis Arias                               
Brooklyn, New York  

Isis Arias (photo provided)

* * *

Sphinx to Fellah Woman

Bear with me, as you have abased the livery. Skin
of bluest desert, sharp as a catamount’s grace. Here
your rain is a kiss; the cold from glaciers. As if
to enthrone a pharaoh’s ochre warm of sun is to
gaze at love in the appease. After all, I am Tut
and tomb lionized—
seeking like immortals, for you are pried, sprout
of a tremble, a cerulean glory now mine.
Eyes alight of mirth. You have found us thrilling
in this awash, plethoric against Nile’s gulch, this
entity that we are chained nights
of a thousand. Listen to my paw
this I bespeak tenderly, your dreaming moon-pale
breast, a cradled worship for our children.

© 2017 Rushda Rafeek                                 
Colombo, Sri Lanka                                                                                                                           

Rushada Rafeek (photo provided)

* * *

Having Her Say, Her Way

You tell me I can’t drink Pepsi.
That I can’t... I can’t have my Jack Daniels
I can’t smoke my cigarettes
Can’t eat those greasy hot sausages
Fusing about watching my sugar
I laugh at her because I birthed her and I tell her how I feel.

Forget you! I’m 90 years old and I do what I want!

My heart has new filters
My body a pin cushion
I’m old and tired
My friends are long gone
No one to talk to about the things I remember
Just you always saying you heard that before
Child don’t you see my frustration…feel! My loneliness?
I don’t like this act of my play as I scream!

Forget you! I’m 90 years old and I do what I want!

Daughter looks at mother
Seeing how their roles have reversed
So small; yet still strong and resilient
That fire in mama’s eyes always defiant
Sighing daughter makes a glass with a little Pepsi
On a plate, hot sausage just the way she likes it
Places both in front of her mother and sees mama’s smiling eyes saying,

Forget you! I’m 90 years old and I do what I want!

© 2017 Hope Guirantes                     
Jersey City, New Jersey   

Hope Guirantes (photo provided)

 *   *   *
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  1. To all my colleagues and friends @ Aaduna thank you for your inspiration and
    confirmation of the spirit of our culture,particularly in a time where the darkness seeks to envelope the light.

  2. Jeffrey D. Holman AKA Freedom Jones

  3. Grateful to be a part of this global collaborative.


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