ENJOY our next batch of snippets from aaduna spring 2017 contributors; Darrell, Wren, Ethan & Ivory!

Darrell Urban Black (photo provided)

Darrell Urban Black was born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Far Rockaway, New York, and now resides in Frankfurt, Germany.  With successful and completed National Guard and Army experiences, he started drawing “phantasmal spaceships” as a child.  And that artistic inclination propelled him to explore “strange forms and colors” as he matured as a person and artist.  Mr. Black will exhibit his work in aaduna's Penalver Gallery in the spring 2017 anniversary issue. Here is a glimpse of his vision.

The Penalver Gallery, "Separated by Temptation," Artist, Darrell Urban Black (c) 2016

* * *

Wren Tuatha (photo provided)

Wren Tuatha is an iconic and captivating writer, poet and social activist.  She has invested significant portions of her adult life working on and around progressive issues such as LGBT diversity, sustainability, simple living, animal rights and privilege/oppression. As a prolific poet, her words mesmerize.  Here is a sample from “Mika in a Fog.”

Something. What animal is it? An empty
bushel gourd. What vegetable is it?
DVD’s from the thrift store. What time
is it? No mail today, didn’t check but

surely not. Did the short legged dogs
up the road bark? Well, there’s your
proof. Something needs saying.

* * *

Ethan A. Baker (photo provided)

Ethan A. Baker resides in Aliso Viejo, California and received his undergraduate degree from California State University three years ago.  An emerging writer and poet, here are the first two stanzas from his poem, “The Welcoming Party.”

The mountain
songbirds slingshot
into the sky as the
ground shifts and

shakes until everything on Earth’s
back is laid
flat, a once sleepy
village becomes the rubble

* * *

Ivory McDonald (photo provided)

Ivory McDonald knows how to weave stories that permeate our consciousness and sense of  life’s complexities.  A life-long resident of Indianapolis, Indiana and currently a retiree devoted to his family and writing stories, Ivory shares a snippet from his fiction piece, “In The Broken Places.”

     The Grotto Bar and Grill occupied the southwest corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and St Joseph Street.  The afternoon sun filtered through the next to no stained glass windows.   
     Roland Fisk followed a swallow from his glass of Bud Light, “Brother Jules, you’re a sight for sore eyes. Pull up a chair.”   
     “Don’t mind if I do, Brother Roland,” Jules said. The server took his sandwich order then returned instantly with his glass of ginger ale. 
    “So how’s retirement?” Jules asked.   
     “Retirement has suited me well, “Roland hesitated. “ I heard about Miss Trudy. I’m sorry about her passing.”   
    “Yes, we were all knocked back over her death,” Jules said.  
     Roland used his hands as a barrier and a case around his glass. He etched deep rows within the confines of his brown forehead. 
     “I understand her death was by suicide,” Roland stated.     
     “Yes,” Jules acknowledged. 
   “I also heard her death came within hours of being fired for failure to meet productivity standards,” Roland continued. 
     “That’s right, “Jules confirmed.   

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