Catch a sneak preview of aaduna's spring 2017 issue contributors; Beaupert, Reid, and Ejue!

Dietra Reid (photo provided)

A resident of Baltimore, Maryland, Dietra Reid, a returning aaduna contributor and writer, continues to excite us with fiction that expands our imagination and invigorates those nuances inherent in universal life stories.   Her aaduna editor stated, “I was struck by how little innocent humor we run into now days. This story combines a real problem in one character’s fear of flying and humorously forces him to face it with a small bear cub that became attached to him.”  Here is the opening to her latest story, “Adventures of Munching and Company.”

It was a good day to fly that morning in Sydney, Australia.  The sky was crystal blue and the wind was calm.  There had been a spring rain event the night before.  But the warm sun had already started drying everything up. 
In a house near Sydney's Jackson International Airport, Canton Watson was waking up. He sipped his coffee sitting at his kitchen table alone. He loved getting up before the sun rose every morning. His 6A.M. to 2 P.M. shift at the airport fit him well, this was his 20th year there, at 60, he was close to retirement. His phone rang.

* * *

Reyumeh Ejue (photo provided)

Reyumeh Ejue resides in Abuja, Nigeria and his story, “IMANSE” enthralls our concepts of relationships.  Here are the opening paargraphs,

Onah was eight when Imanse came to live with him and his parents. Onah’s mother had gotten a job promotion, which required her to work long hours. She felt that she’d be unable to focus on her job, and take care of her family at the same time. She complained about this to her friend Adiah, and one month later, the woman brought an emaciated and anxious looking girl.
     Onah’s mother accepted Imanse, and her husband supported her decision. She treated the girl well; she wasn’t like other women who cuffed their house-girl for breaking a plate, neither was she the type who banged her house-girl’s head against the wall because she suspected the girl of stealing from her.

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