Meet aaduna spring 2017 contributors Fred Chandler, Ron Gauthier and Jim Ross!

Fred Chandler (photo provided)

Originally from New York and now residing in Los Angeles, Fred Chandler is a poet with two published chapbooks, and prolific array of other accomplishments: ebooks, posters and audio CDs.  A prior recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, Chandler is a fellow at the American Film Institute, as well as member of The Writers Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.  Here is a sampling from Fred’s poem, “Threadbare”

The memory is
the past
The imagination
is of dreams
Both are of an

* * *

Ron Gauthier (photo provided)

A returning aaduna contributor currently residing in Decatur, Georgia, Ron Gauthier is excited to be part of the dynamic group of spring 2017 anniversary issue contributors, and is “on fire” to share a snippet of his fiction work, “The Conversation” with you.  

She had those inherited voluptuous curves, swaying, sashaying hips that you usually saw on a sassy older woman, the type meandering in a dingy, dangerous bar where lusty men with flirtatious eyes course through the darkness. But these profane movements with a sort of cute rhythm rose off of a teenage girl not old enough to go to such a rugged place or even drink a bottle of beer. Her butt bounced with that rapidity the way her mom’s did, or some emulated barmaid did, pulsing with a stride that tried to burst the wild woman out of the girl. And my son’s lascivious eyes - I guess I should expect the probing lust from a developing teen, a man child, really, or he could be a completely packaged hungry man trying to force through puberty into masculinity- followed those curvaceous hips and I actually caught a sly grin sneak across his face, brightening his large, oval eyes, the brown flushing like cinder.

* * * 

Jim Ross (photo provided)

Splitting his time between Maryland and West Virginia with his wife, Jim Ross is a retired Renaissance gentleman who is an accomplished poet, writer, and photographer.  He will present two non-fiction stories in the spring 2017 issue, and here is the opening to his, “Fresh Milk.”

We owe it to ourselves to come to grips with the mysterium tremendum et fascinans, or so they say.  Loosely translated, we need to discover those penetrating fears that not only cause us to tremble and quake but also, perversely, fascinate, allure, and draw us closer.   The theologian Rudolph Otto equated the mysterium tremendum et fascinans with the divine.   Others suggest it also refers to the outright diabolical.   Because looking into the face of fear can fascinate even while making us tremble, we often do our best to brush our deepest fears under the carpet.   And, once out of sight, we nail the carpet down.

STAY TUNED.   aaduna spring 2017 issue is launching soon!

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