Preview snippets from aaduna’s upcoming spring 2017 anniversary issue

Sukrita Paul Kumar (photo provided)

Sukrita Paul Kumar  born in Kenya, currently lives in Delhi, India writing poetry and teaching literature. Currently, she holds the Aruna Asaf Ali Chair at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. Her artwork will be featured in  The Kuta Gallery, Exhibition: "Poems Not Written."  Here is one of her works:

The Kuta Gallery, Exhibition: "Poems Not Written," Artist, Sukrita Paul Kumar (c) 2016

* * *

Paige Simkins (photo provided)

Paige Simkins uses words to create intellectual and emotional magic that permeates our consciousness.  She lives in Tampa, Florida, and here are a few lines from her poem, “HONEY COMES FROM THE HEAVENS”

Tonight looks as if God has bitten into half of the moon

we will not bleed black colors into the darkness tonight

tonight our love will drip just like honey in the darkness

* * *

Alan Chazaro (photo provided)

Alan Chazaro resides in San Pablo, California where he weaves enchanting words into memorable poems. Here is a snippet from his “Ode to Mangos”

You dangle from high-hanging branches
to tease us with soft yellow skin
and ripe perfume

            until we throw away
the patience in our bones and lightning-

* * *

Zakiya Milton (photo provided)

Zakiya Milton is a twenty-something writer who lives and teaches in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her story, “Even Wildflowers Weep Alone in The Dark” is a pertinent anthem and cautionary tale for her generation.  Here is a blurb that starts her story.

When my mother was dying, she would not talk to me.
She would sit in her small hospital bed and stare off into the distance; she never wanted to talk.
She did not want any visitors - she just wanted to be left alone.
However, my sister and I would always try to get her to talk to us, not realizing it was more comforting to us than it was for her.

 *   *   *
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