Organic Objects, Crafted Words: Bharda & Vilhotti = aaduna excerpts for spring 2017 issue

Robert Bharda (photo provided)

He calls a certain genre of his artwork "Quanta Smears." These works “are composed entirely from assemblages/templates of natural/organic elements: flowers, leaves, berries, cones, seashells, stones, mushrooms, grasses, et al.”  Robert Bharda, a previous aaduna contributor, (summer/fall 2015) brings the latest iteration of his work to the spring 2017 anniversary issue.  The artwork is intriguing and influenced by the music of Thelonious Monk, Nina Simone, Pavarotti, Eric Dolphy and other legendary musicians.   Here is a sample of what to expect in the next aaduna issue.

The Borders Gallery, "Rainy Night on Delancey," Artist, Robert Bharda (c) 2017

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Flash Fiction.  Those little stories where an accomplished and gifted writer packs a wallop of words into a few sentences.  Where we move through a themed situation when the paucity of words actually bring a comprehensive understanding of theme, drama, humor, pathos.  Flash fiction is similar to dollhouses and any other miniature collection of memorable objects that are enchanting, profound, personal.  Jerry Vilhotti has so much to say, in so few words that aadunawill host two of his pieces in the spring 2017 anniversary issue.  So, how do you excerpt flash fiction?  With as few words as possible.  From Jerry’s “Not There:”

Tom was being taken to a place of “rest” in upstate, two hundred miles from his twenty second floor apartment in New York City just across the East River that could see the majestic skyline, by four large attendants since he did not find Christ…

STAY TUNED.   aaduna spring 2017 issue is launching soon!

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