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Of Service, Renewed Commitment, Embracing Social Justice, and Recognizing our Preciousness as Human Beings

January 15th, a national day to reflect, to understand, to put in perspective those issues that should defines us as global citizens regardless of nationality or culture. The hope of a better world and respect for human rights and dignified living are universal concepts that are grounded in Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s life-long work. King was an American rooted in addressing multi-layered conflicts surrounding race, discrimination, peace, and human justice situations and his life was viciously and unexpectedly cut short. As a literary journal devoted to words, it is fitting for aaduna to recognize this American and international figure through some of his words complemented by the art of Allen Forrest, who resides in British Columbia, Canada and is a prior aaduna contributor.  Allen's work first appeared in The Kuta Gallery of aaduna's spring 2015 issue, and as the cover art of the spring 2017 issue and a full exhibition in The Penalver Gallery of aaduna's summer 2…

On Being the Best Ever

There is this natural human tendency to see every new accomplishment as being the best ever in the realm of one’s accomplishments. We suspect that “best ever” attribute raises the bar for the next task that is formulated by the person who hopes to make the coming achievement better than the one before. It is this repetitive measurement of achievement that manifests itself as a mantra or slogan that motivates and compels each of us to rise above the standard that we previously established.

Truth be told, at aaduna, we feel the same way with a distinctive difference. We acknowledge the fact that the best apple cannot be compared to the best banana; the best orange cannot be compared to the best avocado. You get the idea. So, from our perspective each issue reflects its distinctive edginess, imagery, themes, excitement, emotions that makes it the best ever!

And on the weekend where we recognize the life, legacy and achievement of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we extend gene…

We are, who we are, and who we say we are.

Multicultural, Diverse, Embracing, Intergenerational, the words float and scatter, hold true, create artificiality, misunderstanding ad nauseam.
There are many entities that expound multicultural, diverse and other societal buzz words of inclusion that are shaded by artificiality.Why?Because you cannot see or easily discern people of color, people of different sexual orientation, people with various political, or religious beliefs, or those who find solace in racial or cultural identity, or intergenerational status etc. etc. etc. in the public scope of those entities’ actions.
Since 2011, aadunahas sought to provide a viable and global platform for people of color and others whose spirit and creativity did not fit into the pre-established norms of acceptance associated with traditional literary genres and concepts of art and visual representations.

aaduna sought to be a gateway for those who had been traditionally denied access to publication or sought to transition their work from previ…