If it is Wednesday, then it is time for Avenues and Poetry

Godly Foibles, In Fresco Of Silence

And befallen – gods of no-land
Trespass the moon
So black
In a fresco of deep silence
Like a solo drop
Of dusk – as godly foibles
As if dying
In lowly fables
And so camouflaged,
Nocturnal truth
Of infernal desires speaking afar
At a remove
From the earthly soil

Thus spoke
The spell of oracular lies
As the gods fumbled
In celestial fuss to reverberate
In teardrop shadows
- unfettering hundreds of lives
From the fiasco
Of unholy war as lowly
As godly disdain
Forbidden far from the heaven

As the fresco of silence
- of an epic delusion
Dies a demise
Of godly death, forthwith
And the fiasco ends there
In godly foibles
And in godly disdain...
As god dies
A demise of oracular truths, as if
A non sequitar
In a fresco of silence.


Glass Onion: Like Dying of Not One’s Own Tears and Pains

And revolving
Break out
In words -
And in a shell
Of war

As if
Flowers do create
Flirty words
To recreate a war
To pursue the woolen silence
In a facsimile
Of your womb's cry
To defoliate
The burdens of child-bearing
In a leafy foliage

Like in
A dragging spiral
Of glass onion
You revolve and evolve,
To degenerate -
In a famished world
Breaking apart
Around you and for you
To part with
Your long testament
As so written
Inside you, outside you

What you do
Is what you conceive
To be deceived
Lonely by your world
Of famished womb
To evolve
In a brewing nutshell
Of glass onion
Taking and talking


A Philosopher Who Will Not Undress His Biased Panting

I say, "you, the bikini bower
had aborted the long fever with the troubled philosopher,
from the beginning to the end he eloped you
with the idea of etching a chiaroscuro that never meets the end
to write off the Socratic paradox
in a singly drawn excalibur that keeps the lid off the paradigm
Shifting from one begging point to another, so often..."

You say, "who will undress
his biased panting, bubbles of freedom
to stop the lotus-eaters to argue?
where is that gullible cockatoo to herald the dawn
of thousand mannequins shopdressing
in the harem of logics and logistics to fanfare
the beauty of ugliness, of malice
in pornography of parallax as there is no one
to sever me from the poetics of sophism..."

The philosopher as if troubled
by the flesh of nihilism that freedom dares not
to cross the Rubicon - says nothing so
to harshly put down - his crown of glory
brandishing his scimitar of solipsism to scare the scarecrow
in an abiding bid to conquer the Plato's republic
as if in a whispering power of hegemony...


Kamaruzzaman (photo provided)

A few years ago, Kamaruzzaman briefly shared some of his background: 

"Actually I am from a very mediaeval village in West Bengal (India) and was brought up in a very conservative economic and cultural ambienc and just to earn a decent living, I had to give up my formal education in science before reaching my goal. Years back, I edited a polemical journal DWANDWIK (The Dialectics,) but once my conscience awakened me to the questions like what for I am doing it or whom for I am doing it, I stopped it along with my writing habit. All at once and plunged myself with all my existence and essence into the void of nihilism. Yes, I am out and a Nihilist. After opting out from my banking service I started writing again starting with the philosophy of Socrates who is my pet philosopher. Now I am fully engaged in translating Latin American literature. A few books have already been published and a few more will get out soon. I have a special fascination for writing poetry in my native language Bengali and in English as well. Reading my poetry one can feel conspicuous touch of nihilism and surrealism. Odd it may sound, I don't believe in any sect of "-isms" and even in the progress of civilization of humankind. Yes, it's a doom's day philosophy of sorts."


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