Do We See Only What We Want to See, OR…?

Captivating art prompt words, phrase, sentences and essays that enables the viewer to describe and capture the vitality of the piece, and more so how it crystalizes and influences our emotions and sense of the world.  Art causes a visceral reaction. And the diverse platforms that artists use to create their art is a reflection of who they are, how they perceive the environment in which they exist, and the medium that best defines their artistic intent.

aaduna is pleased to present work by three artists whose work represent the challenges and rewards of making art in the forthcoming Volume 8, No. 1 issue…Banks, Brown and Crawford.

* * * * *

Charles “SeaBe” Banks has been writing full time since 2008. In addition to painting “words” in vivid hues, textures and compelling patterns, Banks is an accomplished visual artist who brings the same poetic complexity and composure to create intriguing artwork. Discover his work in aaduna's Kuta Gallery.

aaduna Kuta Gallery
"Left Han-End" by artist, Charles SeaBe Banks (c) 2018

* * * * *

Jay Brown creates powerful yet subtle visual images that makes the viewer’s imagination soar.  Over a decade, Ms. Brown learned to use repetition, soft lines and layout to work her artistic composition, and started to produce digital representations to further spark communication and reflection for her viewership.  An exhibition of Jay Brown's work will appear in aaduna's Penalver Gallery.

aaduna Penalver Gallery
"Girl" by artist Jay Brown (c) 2018

* * * * *

William C. Crawford is a writer and photographer based in Winston-Salem, NC. His current book, Just Like Sunday on the Farm: Crawdaddy Remembers the Nam and After is a memoir featuring his essays and photos highlighting his time as a combat photographer in Vietnam in 1968. Crawford presented his images in the winter 2017-2018 issue of aaduna and this issue presents another perspective on his work detailed in aaduna Borders Gallery. 

aaduna Borders Gallery
"Cyclist Shows Her Tongue," photographer William C. Crawford (c) 2018

Enjoy the FULL Gallery exhibitions in aaduna's upcoming issue, LAUNCHING SOON!


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