A Nice Vibe...

Existed at The UPS Store reception at Turning Stone this past Monday evening.  I met and had good conversations with store owners, as well as Sean Brown, Director of SavOn Operations (the Oneida Nation's convenience stores), who first thing Tuesday morning put me in contact with the Nations' VP of Human Resources.  It appears HR may have an interest in supporting and working with aaduna.  Sean felt aaduna's mission speaks to several concerns that the Nation is trying to address.

After dinner, Lisa and I rejoined her colleagues at the Casino's Sports Lounge.  Met Stuart Mathis, President, MBE (Mail Boxes Etc., a UPS Company).  We were in e-mail communication Wednesday morning, and at another point in time, I hope to parlay that meeting towards a value added relationship for aaduna.  I was also able to talk about the publication with company officials form Atlanta by way of Reno, Nevada.  Much thanks to Lisa for opening these possibilities.   

You never know where networking may lead you.