In My Mind...

Throughout my years of formal education, I studied, wrote papers, and read with music in the background.  This habit has never left.  As a professional, every office I existed in has had a mechanism to play music, and it played…always.  In recent years, I was doing quite a bit of long distance driving, so audio books eventually replaced cassettes and CDs, and those books are too numerous to mention.  (I am a voracious reader.) However, music has always been there.  So, it is appropriate that I share what I have been listening to while doing the final edits on the written work that has been placed online for aaduna’s premier issue.  So far,
Norah Jones… Featuring (2010)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, So Far (1974)
Aretha Franklin, Jewels In The Crown…All Star Duets With The Queen (2007)
Chaka Khan, Funk This (2007)
Milton Nascimento/Jobim Trio, Novas Bossas (2008)
Santana, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (2010)

This scenario just happened…word editing is finished! 

The rest of this afternoon/evening, jazz will accompany me though my work on the visual images for the Penalver Gallery.  I'll start with a 1994 compilation, Introducing The Verve Jazz Masters.  It is on the CD player now.  So... 

Go 'head, you know you want to put on some of your music.  Go 'head, do it!