Eastern Shores of Michigan and Getting Ready for the Fall Issue

Downtown Detroit, Taken in front of GM Headquarters

Lexington, MI

Port Huron, MI - sculpture found along the boardwalk Lake Michigan
It is interesting how different locales can spark creative ideas and opportunities.  The July 15-17 weekend gave us the opportunity to visit St. Clair, Port Huron, Lexington and then Roseville, MI with Detroit added on as part of the return road trip back to Auburn.  There is a different vibrancy that marks these areas; however, it pushed me to further realize that there are creative and exciting opportunities everywhere...you just have to look; be open, and have the ability to adjust to influences you may not be used to. 

Onto the next point....

The excitement is starting to build for the Fall 2011 Issue, scheduled for launch on October 3rd.  For me, each issue exists in its own domain of creativity but tries to push the envelope for the next issue.  The burden (real or imagined) for the Fall issue is that it is the "opening act" for our First Anniversary Issue scheduled for February 2012.  The more we push the boundaries in the Fall Issue, the more we have to deliver in the First Anniversary/Winter Issue.

You can join this quest...submit your unpublished work for our consideration.

Don't delay...do it now.

Have a great week.