The First Friday of October 2011

aaduna at The Seward House Museum - photo by Lisa Brennan

Captivated audience - Photo by Lisa Brennan

The eloquence of the spoken words floated on the evening’s soft air as insects flitted back ‘n’ forth carrying messages of empowerment, love, despair, and forgiveness to unseen places.

Photo provided by Cristofe Chabot

The subtle yet poignant readings captivated the audience and the stillness on the lawn of The Seward House Museum made the words even more powerful and transfixing.

Poet, Sean O'Grady - Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Poet, Tamara Madison
Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Poet, Cyd Fulton
Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Author  Sheila Applegate
Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Author & Poet, Christine Green
Photo by  Cristofe Chabot
As visual images dotted the walls of the visitor’s entrance and gift shop area, eyes were transfixed by images of places not yet seen; worlds not yet discovered, and artwork that expanded the imagination and caused one to pause…reflect…think.

bill berry jr,  CEO/Publisher
Photo by Cristofe Chabot


Billye Chabot & Sheila Applegate
aaduna BOD members
Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Sean McLeod, aaduna BOD member
Photo by Cristofe Chabot
Cyd Fulton, bill berry, jr and Christine Green
Photo by Lisa Brennan

“aaduna at The Seward House Museum” convened on October 7, 2011, at this National Historic Landmark.  The event was the first-ever public reading and exhibition presenting the work of aaduna’s contributing writers and visual artists.  In the same 19th century tradition followed by William Seward when he served as Governor of New York State and as Secretary of State for Abraham Lincoln, the 21st century SHM is carrying on his tradition by having his home continue to showcase relevant artistic and intellectual works that spark the human spirit, ignite creative expressions and stimulate community discussion.

aaduna appreciates the work of its Board of Directors, particularly Dave Bergan and Sheila Applegate who provided broadcast avenues to promote this event.  Thanks to the staff of the SHM most notably, Billye Chabot, Executive Director, Alexis Parsons, Administrative Coordinator, Andrew Roblee, Facilities Manager and invaluable docents.  To our benefactors, we extend our gratitude…thank you Joyce Y. Hartsfield, Kate and Marty Salvas, aaduna angels Kathy Genua, Nia Rock, and Yvette B. Berry.  In addition, aaduna recognizes and applauds the role of the Historical and Cultural Sites Commission of Auburn, as well as the Sovereign Foundation for its support.  

With a gracious spirit of sharing and appreciation, aaduna wholeheartedly salutes the creative people whose presence emboldened and made possible “aaduna at The Seward House Museum”…Sheila Applegate, Lisa A. Brennan, Cristofe Chabot, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Christine Green, Tamara J. Madison, Sean McLeod and Sean O’Grady.  And we thank those visual artists whose images comprised the exhibitions, “Altered Images” and “Not Altered Images.”

aaduna will continue to explore and find its resting place in the power of words and visual images…and so much more.