Sheila Applegate Opens Up...

Sheila Applegate, author "Enchanted One" - featured non-fiction, aaduna Spring/Summer 2011 issue 
"I would say that the most defining event in my early years was the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. I was an SU [Syracuse University] exchange Student in London the semester leading up to that tragedy. Many of my friends and most of my fellow students were on the plane that went down just before Christmas.

"My first experience in England had been several years earlier through a High School exchange program. I now understand that the family I stayed with in High School is part of my soul family. As a result, we experienced an instant recognition, love and sisterhood. Because the Browns felt like family to me, I decided to stay through the holiday and spend Christmas with them. This choice in essence saved my life as it kept me from being on the flight home with the other SU students."

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