Tubman's Centennial Rocked!!!

This past weekend [March 8-10] celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the passing of Harriet Tubman.
Wreath @ Harriet Tubman's Grave Site, Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, NY

Wreath laying ceremony, March 9, 2013 Harriet Tubman Grave Site

Lisa Brennan, aaduna visual arts editor, aaduna poet, Cyd Charisse Fulton, and bill berry, aaduna Inc. CEO/aaduna Publisher

The Gathering on Saturday, March 9th 2013, Harriet Tubman's Grave Site
Original Site, Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church
aaduna elected to offer its contribution to the centennial festivities by premiering original poems inspired by Tubman, and written and read by Cyd Charisse Fulton at Thompson Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Auburn, NY on March 10th at 3 PM.  Tubman passed on March 10, 1913 and the public viewed her body a few days later starting at 3 PM at the original site of Thompson Memorial, Parker Street, Auburn, NY. 

 The Fulton reading attracted close to 100 people, followed by many more participants for the AME Zion Church's Commemorative Service at 5 PM.  
Thanks to Lisa A. Brennan, aaduna's visual arts editor for her keen advice and ensuring that centennial weekend events and aaduna's contribution were documented.  We thank Cyd Charisse Fulton for bringing her poetic voice and insights to Auburn, NY.  
We also thank members of the aaduna Board of Directors whose presence further uplifted the celebratory spirit of the weekend: Dr. Walt Aikman, Dr. Patricia Clark, Ellen Blalock, and Lisa Brennan.  

aaduna Poet, Cyd Charisse Fulton - Presents:  Feeding Off Of The North Star - Original poems inspired by the Life & Legacy of Harriet Tubman

aaduna presented an autographed framed poster, Feeding Off Of the North Star to Reverend & Mrs. Paul G. Carter, Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church, Auburn, NY

L-R:  John Kingsley, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Lisa, Bill, Dr. Patricia Clark, Ellen Blalock
Impromptu after party celebration at Lasca's Restaurant, Sunday, March 10th with aaduna board of director members, Ellen Blalock, 
Dr. Patricia Clark, aaduna poet, Cyd Charisse Fulton, aaduna Inc., CEO/aaduna publisher, bill berry jr, Lisa Brennan, aaduna visual arts editor, and John Kingsley, Education Director, Seward House Museum

On Saturday, March 9th, a special VIP reception was given in Cyd's honor at Mi Casa Mexicana restaurant, Auburn, NY with  special guests, Rev. Paul G. Carter, pastor of Thompson Memorial; his wife, Christine P. Carter, chairperson of the church's Centennial Celebration Committee; Constance Evelyn, superintendent of the Auburn Enlarged City School District and her son, Kiero; Cindy Aikman (Walt's wife) and a member of the Cayuga County Legislature where she serves as minority leader and John Kingsley, director of education at Seward House Museum, the aaduna festivities were especially enjoyable, informative and fun! 

The Dorothy Cotton Jubiliee Singers, Ithaca, NY - BLEW THE ROOF OFF at Harriet Tubman's 100th Commemorative Anniversary of her passing! Check out the short video below which captured one of the very last songs that TORE IT UP at Sunday's celebration!!!!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW


  1. Celebrating history

  2. I had the pleasure of listening to Cyd recite her poetry and I was mesmerized by the words written. I felt honored to be there and witness her first hand. It has been a long time since I have heard someone deliver conscious, truthful, revolutionary, and inspiring poetry; 1990s to be exact.

    Cyd’s words were very descriptive. It was as if the words came off the pages as she read them and became a live documentary. It was so descriptive that I was able to close my eyes and visualize everything solely based upon her words. I felt as if I was actually capable of experiencing what Harriet Tubman felt. It was as if Cyd was there and her words were narrating the events as they occurred during the 1850s as Harriet Tubman risked her life and liberty to free her people. How well written and meticulous she was about choosing her words.
    It was obvious from her poetry that Cyd did in-depth research to bring her poetry to life.

    Her poems are rated first class. I felt as if I understood her thoughts and feeling while listening to her express her deeply felt emotions for Harriet Tubman. Her poetry showed that she took great pride in presenting them to Harriet Tubman’s descendants. Harriet Tubman would have been proud to hear Cyd 100 years later.

    Cyd allowed us a glimpse into her world by allowing us to experience her by sharing her thoughts, feelings, and emotions and showing us the significance of her culture as it was reflected in her poetry.

    If you watched the audience, you would see that they too felt the power in her carefully selected words being delivered in her poetry.

    Based upon her delivery, I know Cyd will be back at Auburn for years to come. Next time I will make sure to bring friends. She is DEFINITELY someone to keep your eye on in the future as she becomes unstoppable.

    I truly enjoyed every moment by Dr. Blue.

  3. Great and important work! Thank you Cyd
    J. Sloan

  4. I am so moved and inspired by Cyd's poetry.

  5. Ms. Cyd C. Fulton’s poetry is uplifting and Awh inspiring. She touches your soul. This was a brilliant collaboration with the Tubman Foundation. Well done!


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