is worth it!

Bobbie Panek is a Auburn, NY based poet whose works elicits the range of emotions that people go through.  More of her work is coming in the summer/fall 2013 issue...soon.
"The Heart of the City"

by Bobbie Panek

Had a great time

returned at 1 a.m.

went on the harbor cruise

on the Hudson and East River

and on the uptown and downtown

Manhattan tour buses

our heads swimming with sounds

colors textures smells shapes frenzy

pastoral peace in Central Park

Dakota Building where John Lennon died

Leonardo Decaprio's Hudson River high rise

Harlem's Apollo Theater

Wall Street’s narrow minds

horses saris Soho and Hoboken

homeless with signs

bridal parties and pigeons

Ginka Biloba gifts from Chinese

churches with spires

buildings so high you can't see the tops

even when you stretch your neck back

streets and people

yellow taxis and people

street vendors and people

so much

history and mystery