Reflections on the style and spirit of the Harlem Renaissance in Auburn, NY – the aaduna, Inc. Fundraiser

bill berry, jr aaduna Inc CEO/Publisher aaduna
There are times in life where we know words are not enough…even when the sounds and cadences of letters strewn together like beads on a string alleviate our consciousness to another level of understanding and appreciation.

There are times in life when the simplicity of a “thank you” or an “I love you” or the heartfelt rhythm of an “I’m sorry” resonates a deeper meaning than countless platitudes that sound drenched in artificiality and hubris.

There are times in life when we need to say more and understand the heart is so filled with gratitude and appreciation that the less we say the more we say it.  
Left to Right:  Michele Jones Galvin, Joyce Stokes Jones, Bobbie Panek, Howard Nelson, Ed Mendes, Heidi Nightengale, bill berry jr, Christine Jennifer Noble, Lisa Brennan, Sheila Applegate

To the readers, Michele Jones Galvin, Joyce Stokes Jones, Edward Mendes, Heidi Nightengale, Sheila Applegate, Howard Nelson, Christine Noble, and Bobbie Panek, each of you voiced words as precious gemstones to be admired and worn every day because we are rich in spirit and understanding, and we deserve preciousness to engulf us all the time.

Signature Music:  Danielle Evans (vocals,) Nubia Hill (vocals,) Malik Clanton (saxophone,) Dick Ford (keyboard)

To the musicians, Malik Clanton, Danielle Evans, Nubia Hill, and Dick Ford, you laid down the keys and notes that provided the framework for the words to form exquisite patterns like the quilts the elders still make, just for the joy and security that their woven patterns bring to others.

To the over 100 guests and fans, your presence and support, stenciled your love of the word and sound deeply into the consciousness of everyone in Theater Mack.  Your gaiety, seriousness, reflection, and applause resonated and cemented everyone as part of a literary community.

To aaduna, Inc. staff and Board members, Theater Mack personnel, [clmp] and NYSCA, thank you.

There are times in life,
when the need to say more is achieved
by saying less.

Enjoy the photos and video clips below provided by Lisa Brennan, aaduna visual arts editor and marketing manager

Theater Mack, 203 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY

Malik Clanton and Danielle Evans

Nubia Hill

Dick Ford, Executive Director, Signature Music

Listen to a video clip here of Michele Jones Galvin introducing her mother, Joyce Stokes Jones (co-authors)  Beyond the Underground, Aunt Harriet Moses of her People

Joyce Stokes Jones, aaduna contributing writer

Michele Jones Galvin, aaduna contributing writer (right) and guest
Ed Mendes, aaduna contributing poet

Heidi Nightengale, guest poet

Howard Nelson, guest poet

Howard Nelson with Ron VanNostrand (Publisher, Olive Trees)

Sheila Applegate, aaduna contributing writer, and aaduna Board member

Christine Jennifer Noble, aaduna contributing poet & writer

Bobbie Panek, aaduna contributing poet

bill berry jr., aaduna publisher/aaduna Inc., CEO

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