Happy Pride !

We realize that some members of the aaduna community, have already celebrated Pride Month in June, did so this weekend, or will do so during the next several weeks. We join our voice with the LGBT community to articulate that human rights, inclusion, respect for cultural/ethnic/political differences, equity and citizens rights must be available to everyone.  
We understand most of these issues are still challenges; well-intentioned people have differences of opinion stemming from socio-political-economic and religious perspectives, and obstacles to basic, human rights are not limited to any geographical region of the world or a specific country or neighborhood.  As we maintain our commitment to providing safe harbor and publishing opportunities for poets, writers and visual artists, we fall back on our Mission of inclusion, empowerment, and the willingness to embrace others the way we want to be embraced. 

Here are some photos of the Pride parade in Rochester, NY (July 19th,) which was part of a three-day weekend festival.  If you have photos of ethnic/cultural events that have already occurred or plan to attend a few such events in the upcoming months  (i.e. Caribbean carnivals, Pow-Wows, etc.) please consider sharing those photos with us via our Facebook page. Aaduna, Inc 

I recall a saying/motto from a Harlem-based organization from back in the day..."Each One, Teach One."