This story may be a little long, but trust us; it is worth the read….

Every issue of aaduna brings a certain anxiety, expectation, and nervousness before the actual launch.  Once the issue is launched, there is a sense of exhilaration and satisfaction, a sigh of relief quickly followed by festive celebration. 

As one would surmise, anniversary issues tend to ramp up these feelings pre- and post launch.  This year, our fifth year of publishing, we experienced skyrocketed dynamics that escalated towards a level not seen before; and hopefully, not to be seen again.  Issues on one of our coding and uploading platforms tested the resiliency of our custom designed website.  While we had to take “extra steps” to re-position the disarray to our index files and platform, our consultants, Theodora Ravago and Christopher Gannon of Banwa Design made this unexpected situation an incident (though not trivial,) and not the disaster that we expected.  aaduna’s webmaster, Lisa Brennan, then took control.  She droitly coded and uploaded the issue with swagger, and then with her smiling countenance, weaved her way around routine launch hindrances, hiccups, and putting up with our nervous publisher.

So, what does all of this mean? 

Simply, the first issue of our fifth year of publishing is almost ready for launch, which is no more than 24 hours away.  Are you ready?!

aaduna, after five years, still upholds its multicultural, pluralistic, and diverse mission.  This spring 2015 anniversary issue will present poets, writers and visual artists who reside in California, Florida, the Philippines, West Bengal/India, New York, Maryland, British Columbia/Canada, Georgia, Louisiana, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Indiana.  And it must be noted that this issue also brings together prior contributors and creative folk, who are new to aaduna’s pages.  We continue to promulgate a creative, global community, and will continue that effort.

So get ready to be intrigued by poets:

Persecution Avenue, Marthe-Elise Bertrand, Gonzalinho da Costa, Kamaruzzaman, Desiree St. Amant, Tearz, and Deyon Williams. 

Find provocative issues in the stories by:

Persecution Avenue, Sarah Khan, Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee, Austin C. Morgan, Catherine C. Poku, and Marc D Regan

Be mesmerized by truth in the Non-fiction of:

Michael Mohr

And feast your eyes and senses on the visual richness of works by:

Melvin Douglas, Allen Forrest, and Peter Nakhid

The aaduna spring 2015 anniversary issue is coming at you. 

Our spring is finally here.  Get ready!

All photos © 2015 by Lisa A. Brennan