This ain’t “Empire,” “The Revenant,” or even “Game of Thrones”…this is REAL life!

I am willing to bet that if we were able to transition the coming “Conversations” to a televised program, our stories would be compelling, factual, and raw documentaries rather than screenplay contrived soap operas, reality series, or made for TV dramas.   

Simply, aaduna provides the platform for real people to chat unscripted and unedited with no advanced knowledge of questions or comments.  And these conversationalists represent the life journeys that you and I and others go through or have gone through on any given day or night.

It is always enriching and confirming to hear, bear witness to, and embrace the truth as articulated by other people that we may never meet.  The universality of experiences becomes the resting place where we can find solace, advice, or validation.  Think of “Conversations” as honest exchanges between two people.  You get the opportunity to witness and read a chat…an exchange…a sharing…a conversation, and then are able to re-capture and analyze what you just read whenever you want to.    

Don’t miss the 2016 “Conversations” series.  The “talk” is intriguing.  And I suspect you will be disappointed when the chat ends; when the conversation is over, and you are left wanting more because you did not get enough!!!

Think I am kidding? 

Here’s the schedule.  Make your own decision.  Starting on  Sunday, January 24th, Go to click on Conversations 

Peter Nakhid, aaduna Spring 2015 issue

Peter Nakhid     [New Orleans, LA]
January 24 - 30 

Janet Mason, aaduna Fall /Winter 2015 issue

Janet Mason     [Philadelphia, PA]
January 31 - February 6

Rachael Ikins, aaduna Fall/Winter 2015 issue

Rachael Ikins     [Baldwinsville, NY]
February 7 - 13

Catherine Poku, aaduna Spring 2015 issue

Catherine Poku     [Windsor, Ontario, CA]
February 14 - 20 

Robert Bharda (Ward), aaduna Fall/Winter Issue 2015

Robert Bharda (Ward)     [Seattle, WA]
February 21 - 27 

Marc Regan, aaduna Spring 2015 issue

Marc D. Regan     [Northern California]
February 28 - March 5 

Conversations with Raymond Nat Turner, Quiana Katumu, Eloísa Pérez-Lozano will be featured in mid-March through April.

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